EmployTrax is a five phase program, led by a personal consultant, that teaches people how to find a great job in half the time.


EmployTrax is a career transition and outplacement program that teaches you a reliable process to find a job and how to create a unique personal brand that will differentiate you in the marketplace.

Transitioning a career can often be a daunting experience.  The “one size fits all” approach is rarely effective. The process should be customized and unlock and promote one’s own unique experience and combination of skills - a personal brand.  This is key to the EmployTrax program in addition to:

  • Working with a very experienced consultant with a supportive approach

  • An effective and highly accurate personal assessment

  • A series of in-depth and very helpful step-by-step guides

  • A balanced use of current technology with the development of important interpersonal skills

  • Videos, podcasts, helpful links, and numerous other job search tools

  • Virtual delivery so you can work where you are most productive and comfortable

Three Program Options

One-on-One Program

An EmployTrax consultant works one-on-one with a client through each of the five phases either via Skype or phone.  Throughout the program, the consultant provides guidance, expertise, and support.

Group Program

Participants utilizing the group program have an EmployTrax consultant guide them through each phase of the program in a webinar/group format.  Throughout the program, consultants work to keep clients focused, accountable and responsible for their own success.

Executive Program

Working with an experienced EmployTrax consultant in this customized program, the executive explores a range of possibilities, including another fulltime job, changing industry or function, starting a business, identifying board positions, not-for-profit and other opportunities.

EmployTrax has a robust set of multi-media tools to enable participants to learn from each other, from industry experts and from people who have successfully gone through the program.


Step-by-step Guides



Helpful Links




EmployTrax is a self-paced program that can take a few weeks to a few months.  Clients and their consultants create a reasonable timeframe that balances out moving too quickly through the phases with losing critical momentum.  Typically, the first phase goes fairly quickly (a couple of days), then as the program becomes more intense and in-depth, it slows down depending upon how much time the client spends on their career transition process.

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